Boulder County's Original Shop for Dance, Yoga and Beyond


For one day only, Bloch’s own Christine Boll will be at Boulder Body Wear for professional pointe shoe fittings.


SINCE 1987

When bangs were big, shoulder pads were in and Dirty Dancing was all the rage, we opened Boulder Body Wear to the ballerinas of Boulder. Our little hole-in-the-wall dancewear shop on University Hill was a haven for the area’s dancers. But times changed, and so did we. In the early 1990s, we moved to a larger space — a clothing store catering to the nature-loving, adventure-seeking, fitness-focused women of the Boulder area. That’s when we added yoga apparel, activewear and everyday clothing to our vast inventory of dancewear, dance accessories and dance shoes. 

Now, in our sunny Lafayette clothing store, we dress women like you: dancers of all ages, hard-core Crossfitters, living room yogis, weekend hikers, movers, shakers, climbers and ladder climbers, sashayers and women who sashay through life. 

Through these turning points, our clothing shop became a mainstay for the women of Boulder. 



You can call us Boulder County’s one-stop clothing shop. When you browse Boulder Body Wear’s selection of dancewear, activewear and lifestyle fashion, you can pick up a tutu for your daughter to wear to dance class while grabbing a pair of yoga pants for yourself and checking out the latest styles in jeans and tops. 

Your little girl is ready to plié, and you are ready to play.

Our clothes and accessories ensure you are ready to climb, bend, stretch and strut through every Colorado adventure. Even when your adventures include toddler play dates and errands, we want you to look and feel confident.

Business meetings or date nights? Boulder Body Wear offers a selection of professional clothing and lifestyle fashions that will take you from day to night, the boardroom to the dance floor. 



At Boulder Body Wear in Lafayette, we dress women for every beautiful (and not-so beautiful) moment of their day, everyday. We sell apparel that become uniforms for your lives — the pants you slide into for that 5:30am yoga class, the leotards you pull on before practice, the tutus your daughter absolutely adore, the top and jeans you grab when you need to feel confident and look good. 

Let’s say, really really good.

We know the women and men who shop at Boulder Body Wear want pieces of clothing that ready them for the lives they have. We carefully select our apparel to meet the wants and needs of our loyal customers. From little girls squealing with delight as they try on their first pair of pointe shoes to the yoga teacher who knows exactly what she wants to the mother of three with a full-time job who desperately wants an easy, comfortable and lovely wardrobe, we dress women of all ages, interests, lifestyles and fitness levels. 

We dress prepare you for the spotlight — whether it’s shining on the center of a massive stage or it’s the sun shining on the summit of your first 14er or its the mood lighting set for an anniversary dinner. The staff at Boulder Body Wear work hard to ensure you are ready for center stage.