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Yoga IS for everyone. A short guest series. First contributor Amy Deva.

Yoga IS for everyone. A short guest series. First contributor Amy Deva.

Let me start by saying I've heard it all. 

"I'm not flexible enough for yoga." Yeah, and I'm too dirty to take a shower. 

"Yoga is boring." You probably found a boring teacher or style that wasn't right for you.

"Yoga is for chicks." Actually until around 100 years ago, yoga was (mostly) restricted to only men.

"I don't need yoga, I stretch at home." Yeah, I don't need a dentist, I brush my teeth on Tuesdays.

"My sister blew out her shoulder doing yoga." Injury happens, and more importantly, so does healing. 

"I don't have time for yoga." If you have time for TV, you have time for yoga.

"Is yoga a religion?" Yoga teaches about what it means to be human, which some religions also do. 

"Am I going to need tight pants?" Only if you want them. Tight pants help when you are moving quickly and don't want to tangle up your feet. 

The good news is there is a kind of yoga for every single person on this planet. 

The popular kind of yoga right now is a fast paced, high energy, athletic yoga. Luckily that is not the only kind of yoga. There is yoga that you sit on the floor an hour. There is yoga where you just breathe. There is yoga on bikes, yoga where you sleep, yoga in the air, yoga with weights, yoga that is all about tradition, yoga for athletes, yoga for eating disorders, yoga for weight loss, yoga for people who are advanced in years, yoga for cancer survivors, yoga for prisoners, yoga for veterans, yoga for kids, yoga for people who think too much, yoga for people who sit at a desk, heated yoga, mountaintop yoga, yoga for people with disabilities, yoga as therapy, yoga for healing. And more! 

Yoga is a practice to help us with the human condition. Yoga teaches us to notice ourselves, our stories, our habits, our dramas. Once grounded in this seat of observation, we learn how to  make micro shifts into alignment with our personal happiness. The word yoga basically means connection. It means your mind and body are connected. It means your left pinky toe is connected to your right ear lobe. It means that your breath is connected to your neighbor's breath. It means the way you treat yourself is connected to the way you treat your family. It means your emotions are connected to your body. It means your thoughts are connected to what you create in the world. 

So why go to a class? What does bending over and twisting into weird shapes have to do with connection? The thing is the poses are just you. You can't go to McGuckin's and buy downward facing dog. Down dog is you having an experience. The experience of the pose gives you awareness about parts of your body you may not have paid attention to in a while. Simply by noticing new parts of your body, you are expanding what you are aware of.

Now you are more aware of your body.You might notice you are more aware of everything in your life. You might notice that you are feeling better, simply because you took the time to get better at feeling. 

Let's say you finally decide "I'm ready to try yoga". And you walk into a studio and say "I'm new" and they invite you to join a beginner class and you love it. Or maybe you don't' love it. ((( Super top secret fact: I hated yoga the first 3 classes I took))). I'd encourage you to keep trying. Maybe you felt like the class at the one studio was too fast. DON'T GIVE UP! There are so many styles. Try another studio. Maybe that class will be too slow. Go to another studio, maybe the teacher is too weird and they were singing weird stuff. Go again, try another teacher, another style, another studio. There's yoga on nearly every street corner in Boulder. There's yoga online. You could hire your neighbor's niece who teaches yoga to come over to your house and help you heal a hamstring injury. 

Be warned, yoga will require that you deal with yourself. Yoga might actually help you get over that thing that's lingering in your consciousness. Yoga might actually show you what it feels like to be happy and healthy. You might actually learn something about what it means to be you, in your body. You could get really good at being you. 


A visionary guide in practical spirituality, Amy is an author, coach, speaker, certified yoga teacher, energy worker and wellness adviser. A grounded leader, she facilitates a shift in perspective: allowing us to see ourselves as extraordinary, and live in a way that makes a big impact. Amy invokes the brilliance in each of us through a process of leaning into the unknown with grace. You can find her on the schedule at The Little Yoga Studio and CorePower Yoga. 




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