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Why We Love to Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Why We Love to Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Tap, tap, tapping. Tap is for everyone. Young and old, it provides exercise, spirit, soul and culture. Over the next week, a series of guest bloggers from our community will share their thoughts on why they love tap.  You may find these stories mirror your own, or possibly they open new thoughts on enjoying tap. Either way, to share is to give, and to give is to receive. Enjoy!

Why I Love Tap by Hannah Carande, Grace Studio Dancer, Age 16

Tap has always been there for me. I started out very young, age 5, and I have stuck with it ever since. Unlike many other styles of dance, tap focuses less of flexibity and tricks, and more on rhythm and style. The best tap dances are those without the kicks or turns or leaps, but with awesome footwork and difficult rhythms. Tap is not easy. In fact, tap can be very challenging at times. But it is also very impressive. Whip out a couple of time steps and shuffle hops and people will be in awe.

While all these components go into my love to tap, the biggest reson I love tap is because it is fun. It's that simple! Tap is fun and enjoying to me and I love learning new combinations of steps I already know. Just as you can tell 100 different stories using the same words, you can create 100 different dances using the same steps. That's what is so fun for me. The syncopated rhythms, double pullbacks and cramp rolls all go into a bigger picture. Learning all these different combinations and making a dance out of them is why I love tap. 

Wearing some sparkly costumes never hurt either!

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