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Why We Love to Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Why We Love to Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

In the second of our series on TAP!, Lynne Madson, 35 and GSSD adult tap student, discusses muscle memory and rhythm from dance to life.

Tap dancing is like riding a bike - apparently it comes back to you easily if you've done it before. I know this because in my first class there were a bunch of us that were new to tapping, but some of these "new" students picked up the combinations like it was in their nature. These were the people who tapped when they were kids.  There was something that their bodies remembered about the movements. I was not one of these people - I was brand spanking new.

I've tapped for almost 4 years now, and I'm amzed at what my body now knows. These movements that are so fast and precise, that use muscles that I didn't really know I had 4 years ago, are now second nature.  I can find myseld doing a five count riff as I'm walking through the store, or doing a chop suey when I'm standing in place. Every combination seems so hard and so fast the first time I see it, and when I started tapping, there were numerous times when I thought that I'd never be able to do those moves. The great thing about tapping is that when I give something a day, a week, or a month, it eventually kicks in, and becomes part of my body's memory. The next time the teacher mentions a Waltz Clog, or a Cincinnati, or a Buffalo, I can fell it in my feet before I see the move.

Tap not only changes and challenges my body- it also transforms music. I start hearing the rhythms, the downbeats, and the feeling behind the sound. Every song that I've danced to is different after the dance is done, and it brings a smile to my face when I hear those songs randomly in life. Those songs are part of me, and my feet can't help but move when I hear them. 

So after 4 years, I might not be the best tapper in the world. I might not have the fastest feet, but I understand that this will stick with me. I'll never hear "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns n Roses or "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John without feeling something in my feet. And I finally understand why those "new" kids in my first class took off across the floor with ease. Tap is now a part of me.. even if I stepped away for 20 years, my feet will never forget.

Why We Love Tap - a series of guest bloggers share...
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