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Why We Love Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Why We Love Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Some of you may already know Gene Gebauer, master tap dance instructor in the Denver area from his classes and performances in the area. You may not be aware that Gene was a dancer on Broadway for 20 years, with "Hello Dolly", "Sugar" and "Camelot" as part of his repetoire. Gene was also featured in 2010 at the St Louis Tap Festival. The mayor of St Louis named "Gene Gebauer Day" in honor of his achievements. Here Gene shares with us his reasons for loving tap.

Why do I like tap? I gotta say, first off, because I can still do it at age 79. It means so much to still be able to dance full out (almost) at my age, after 67 years of ballet, jazz, modern and Broadway. Second, tap is fun. Fun isn't a word I would use to describe my years of ballet, jazz and modern. Next, I would have to say I like tap because it is very social. I also like it because it doesn't hurt. Tap is fun to teach. I hope I have inspired someone to give it a try.

- You can find Gene's teaching schedule and more info on his career at He is currently teaching at Art Underground in Louisville, Taps 'n' Toes in Broomfield , and Step in Style and Little Theater in Lakewood, Colorado.


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Why We Love to Tap - a series of guest bloggers sh...