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Why I Love Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Why I Love Tap - a series of guest bloggers share their stories

Thursday is the last day of our 25% off all tap shoe sale. Thank you to all of our guest bloggers for sharing their stories and thoughts on TAP DANCE. We hope you have enjoyed reading these entries and moreover, we hope you have been inspired to dance yourself.

Our final installment is by Jennifer Marti, age 33, an adult student at GSSD.

Why I love tap! I came to dance late in life - as an adult, though I had always wanted to take lessons. At about age 5, I rememeber clicking my "dress" shoes on the tiny parquet entryway thinking I was tap dancing.

It's my exercise, it's my social time, and I've made so many great friends while tap dancing.

The sound; the click clack smack of it. The ryhthm; tap tap tippity tap. The fact that it requires I scuff and shuffle and drag my feet along the floor - just the way my Mom and Dad always told me not to. "Pick up your feet when you walk!" Nah, listen to this.

It's the music too. How tap can make a simple piece of music come alive, or a raucous one get people out of their chairs to groove along with you. It's the intricacy of each movement done with the foot, the toe, the heel, the legs too. Whether done at home alone rocking out to whatever song is on, or the stage with a group of friends and fellow dancers performing to an audience. 

I love tap because of the way I feel when I get something right, after struggling for the step, and practicing relentlessly to get it, the moment it clicks and my feet make every sound they're supposed to, I smile and scream with glee. It is the physical embodiment of my soul dancing.





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