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From 80302 to 80026

Although it feels strange that BBW is moving to a new zip code, our support of the Boulder Arts community as well as East Boulder, Longmont and North Metro is unwaivering. Our new location will enable us to reach more families and households with more resources than our current location is growing into. As a native of Boulder, a graduate of Fairview and CU Boulder, I personally am dedicated to the continuation of availability, growth and quality of arts in our community. Although BBW is a supplier of things that you need or want, we also have enjoyed establishing ourselves as a community hub and a place where memories are made. In our final days at the Canyon location, we are reminiscing about all the people who have been a part of our time here and the incredible exepriences we have been priviledged to have. As my family has grown up and many of my staff have stayed, left and come back, moved on to build new families and communities, we all have stood together through the personal and national tragedies. This has been my home away from home. As an owner, the gratitude I feel towards our customers, my staff and all of those in our community that have sustained, educated and given me and my family sustaince is strong. Thank you so very much for being the great people you are. I am looking forward to making a whole new set of memories with old and new friends and peers in Lafayette. See you there October 1st! 

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