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Networking within the Arts


Community engagement within the arts is important to the future of communal arts programs.  Relating community arts to networking, whether it be in-person networking or social media networking, it is key to growing the connection within the community and the arts.  An arts community is supported in-person by attending functions and supporting the arts through donations.  Social media supports the arts community by blogging, liking, reviewing, and by advertising an event.  Supporting an arts community in-person and through social media are two essential connections that need to be made.

Performing arts are a growing trend within the community.  For example, local community centers are making an effort to promote a wider variety of the arts genre.  Saturday nights one could go to hear a pops concert from the community band.  On Wednesday a local theatre troupe has their opening show of Annie.  In-person promotes community performances by attendance and by critiquing the event positively so others will attend in the future.  Putting posters up in one’s favorite hot spots and using a local radio and television station to advertise and publicize prior to the event are all different ways to promote an event in person.  The audience for a poster and radio announcement are those who notice the bulletin board in a coffee shop, or those who listen to local radio for the weekly events.  This group of people need the face to face publicity because they may not have time to get on the computer or visit social media sites.  They are the people on the go who need a visual or auditory reminder of what is going on in their town and nearby.

To keep up with the demographic of 30 and younger, social media is a way to stay connected to friends, family, and the community.  By liking, blogging, tweeting, #’s, and posting, one learns what is happening and available within their community.  Social media is where this demographic learns about the local symphony and dance companies performing in their community.  Social media sites are their bulletin boards to which they view events.   Community support is about in-person networking and support through social media, by networking from anywhere, at any time, to those who value this type of publicity.

Using and relating networking to community engagement in growing the arts modalities can help society grow in a productive way.   Supporting the community in-person engages those who are receptive to visual and auditory stimuli.  This type of advertisement catches their attention to plan for and to attend these events.  The networking tool of social media reaches those who engage through computer activity.  One uses social media to connect and to view what is going on within their bubble. “A place where the purpose is community,” (Block 1750, RiverandLark).  Arts should have a purpose with in the community.  Arts entertain, educate, and stimulate the members of a community creating a returning audience.

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