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Mimi's Farewell

To my Boulder Body Wear Community,

Beginning in December 2013, I will be leaving my managerial position at Boulder Body Wear to focus on professional dance performance and education. It is with gratitude and love that I leave Boulder Body Wear. It’s been a pleasure to serve the Boulder dance community over the last ten years. I’m very proud of my years at the store, starting as a part time employee in 2004.  Serving as a pointe shoe specialist and manager, I’ll be leaving with fond memories of the people I have come to know and love here.

With my departure Amy, Christine, or Jin will be contacting you if I have been working specifically with your school. Don’t hesitate to contact us in the next two weeks if you have any specific information you would like me to pass along to the store management. I know that Boulder Body Wear (and you) will always be a part of my “dance family” and leave with excitement of what’s to come for all of us in the future!


Mimi Ferrie


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