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Meet your fitter: Amy Kenney

As a native of Colorado, Amy Kenney has worked with the regional dance and active community since 1987. In 1997 she became owner of Boulder Body Wear which services the local and regional dance communities. Boulder Body Wear was awarded Dance Retailer of the Year 2011 by Dance Retailer News for their excellence in service and community involvement. Amy currently travels and works nationally with dancers from Long Beach CA to Atlantic City NJ to help improve their dance performance through the fitting of their pointe shoes. Amy was also recognized by the Calmart as a leading buyer in the activewear industry in 2012. Fitting pointe shoes are Amy's passion and although having varied exepriences with different types of pointe shoes and feet, she is always seeking out new information, education and products to enhance her fittings. "Meeting dancers and talking with them in order figure out their needs is always gratifying. I like to share education and thoery while learning what works best for each individual dancer. This apporach helps dancers achieve the best outcome from their fitting." Boulder Body Wear follows a fitting theory that allows dancers full articulation of their feet without "floating" and over compression of the metatarsals. Throughout her career she has witnessed the evolution of fitting thoeries throughout the industry and the emergence of healthier dancers with healthier feet. Please contact Boulder Body Wear at 303-447-9100 or toll free 1-877-bdy-wear to schedule an appointment with Amy to have your shoes checked or fit. She is currently available Sunday thru Thursday for fittings.

Meet your fitter: Jamie Melaragno Schuler
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