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Essentrics for Dancers



Essentrics for Dancers

By Heather Corey, Essentrics Master Trainer and Owner of Verve Movement Studio, Longmont.

Essentrics was created by Miranda Esmonde-White, a professional ballerina who wanted to keep her body strong and flexible after she retired from the ballet. Since its creation, Essentrics has been used by professional ballet schools worldwide, including National Ballet of Canada, Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec in Canada and the Ballet School Of Cinderella Peru. Locally, Essentrics has been used by Longmont Dance Theatre, Dance Dimensions & Broadway Performing Academy of Longmont.

ESSENTRICS strengthens and stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, by lengthening the muscle and then strengthening the muscle in the lengthened position. This full-body flexibility technique works through the muscle chains, liberating the joints, empowering the muscles & relieving them from tension in the process.
Essentrics offers a number of specific benefits that can help dancers reach their true potential, stay pain free, and continue to do what they love;

  • Increased core strength and mobility; the purpose of this program is to stretch, strengthen and rebalance the full muscular structure leaving you more flexible and agile.
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion; increasing flexibility safely with dynamic stretching techniques.
  • Improved power and stamina; working with the nervous system to improve fast twitch and slow twitch muscles and reflexes. Increasing cardiovascular strength.
  • Improved balance and alignment awareness.
  • Improved posture; We focus on strengthening your joints and training your body to pull up and out of the joints as you move to ensure that we are not forcefully landing on our knees and ankles, or compressing the spine, resulting in joint pain and damage.
  • Decreased injuries; Dance injuries are often caused when imbalanced and tight muscles are suddenly twisted and challenged in an unexpected way resulting in tears, pulls and sprains. ESSENTRICS REBALANCES the full muscular structure preparing the muscles & tendons to both withstand and rebound injury free from any unexpected twists, turns and stresses.


For more information on the Essentrics technique, visit

Locally, contact Essentrics Master Trainer, Heather Corey at for personal training.

Photo courtesy of Laurence Bonneville, Essentrics trainer


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