May 19-22nd Our biggest Sale of 2016!

  The sun is out, the trees are green, flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing. A perfect time to transition into your spring wardrobe - for every occasion in your life from YOGA to DANCE to EVERY DAY. Our biggest sale of 2016 is here to help. May 19-22nd all bodywear basics are 20% off (even tights!) and all fashion is 25% off. If you should find something on our wonderful sale rack, it's an extra 10% off up to 50% off. All of your favorite vendors are on sale, BEYOND YOGA, ALO, CUT LOOSE, BLOCH, MIRELLA and more. Come in through Sunday and save on the latest additions to your spring, summer, camp, class, hike, vacation and live wardrobe!
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Pointe Shoes & Preparing for Summer Intensives

Is your student attending a ballet Summer Intensive program this year? Now that auditions are out of the way, it is time to start making a list of everything you need to bring with you! Planning ahead of time will help make the experience less stressful. Here are some helpful suggestions to make sure your dancer has what they need for the entirety of the program. If your student is going to be dancing on pointe, prepare for the shoes to break down at a more rapid rate than normal class wear and tear. There is nothing worse than wearing a dead pair of shoes during the peak of training! For beginner pointe students who will do some pointe work, but most of class in slippers, we recommend taking 1 pair of shoes for every 2-3 weeks of intensive. For intermediate/advanced students who will be on pointe for a majority of the day, several days a week, we strongly recommend taking 1 pair of shoes per week. If your intensive is located in a region with high humidity, take extra care in keeping the pointe shoes dry. We recommend starting the shoe ordering process at least 4-6 weeks in advance....
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Networking within the Arts

  Community engagement within the arts is important to the future of communal arts programs.  Relating community arts to networking, whether it be in-person networking or social media networking, it is key to growing the connection within the community and the arts.  An arts community is supported in-person by attending functions and supporting the arts through donations.  Social media supports the arts community by blogging, liking, reviewing, and by advertising an event.  Supporting an arts community in-person and through social media are two essential connections that need to be made. Performing arts are a growing trend within the community.  For example, local community centers are making an effort to promote a wider variety of the arts genre.  Saturday nights one could go to hear a pops concert from the community band.  On Wednesday a local theatre troupe has their opening show of Annie.  In-person promotes community performances by attendance and by critiquing the event positively so others will attend in the future.  Putting posters up in one’s favorite hot spots and using a local radio and television station to advertise and publicize prior to the event are all different ways to promote an event in person.  The audience for a...
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How shopping locally can make spring fashion affordable and fun.

It's become a popular sale for us, this Monday Madness. If you haven't come in for it, it's a lot of fun to start the week getting a great deal on the latest fashion. Every Monday all of our fashion items, from our denim to dresses and leggings to tee shirts, are on sale for 20% off. This year we are also including an extra 10% off all of our sale items too. Our sale racks have been deemed "the best in Boulder" by more than a few customers. This year activewear fashion is fun - fun prints in leggings and shorts, flowy tops and functional bra tops for inversions and downward dogs. We've added TOESOX, floor gripping socks for dancers and yoga enthusiasts alike. Men now have a place to shop for activewear as well! A dedicated section for VIOURI and ALO MENS.  In our lifestyle, denim is soft, sweaters are sophisticated, prints are romantic to make life feel light and trouble free.  Havaianas flip flops and espadrill style slip ons will be arriving mid March in childrens, mens and womens sizes and styles. These will be great for every day where as well as to and from class....whichever...
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Youth America Grand Prix, Denver 2016

  Once a year, Boulder Body Wear is chosen to represent a vendor at YAGP Denver.Dance schools from all over the region bring students to represent their training programs, and hopefully obtain scholarships to some of the most widely known companies and summer intensives in the industry. This year, Bloch graciously asked BBW to represent their brand. I loaded up my car with various products and giveaways and headed down to Teikyo Loretto Heights University in Englewood, CO. Upon arrival, I could feel the energy and anticipation in the air. Finishing touches on spectacular handmade tutus were being made, touch ups stage makeup were applied and performing pre-show rituals were just a few of the preparations happening in every room. This year, Bloch sent a Misty Copeland pop-up banner that certainly grabbed people’s attention. When parents and participants came to my table, I took the time to show them new products, as well as best selling items that we have to offer at Boulder Body Wear. Bloch’s new ‘EuroStretch’ pointe shoe got the most attention out of all the pointe shoes I had on display. This is because the split outer sole provides a different aesthetic than the traditional full...
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