Essentrics for Dancers

Essentrics   Essentrics for Dancers By Heather Corey, Essentrics Master Trainer and Owner of Verve Movement Studio, Longmont. Essentrics was created by Miranda Esmonde-White, a professional ballerina who wanted to keep her body strong and flexible after she retired from the ballet. Since its creation, Essentrics has been used by professional ballet schools worldwide, including National Ballet of Canada, Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec in Canada and the Ballet School Of Cinderella Peru. Locally, Essentrics has been used by Longmont Dance Theatre, Dance Dimensions & Broadway Performing Academy of Longmont. ESSENTRICS strengthens and stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, by lengthening the muscle and then strengthening the muscle in the lengthened position. This full-body flexibility technique works through the muscle chains, liberating the joints, empowering the muscles & relieving them from tension in the process.Essentrics offers a number of specific benefits that can help dancers reach their true potential, stay pain free, and continue to do what they love; Increased core strength and mobility; the purpose of this program is to stretch, strengthen and rebalance the full muscular structure leaving you more flexible and agile. Increased flexibility and range of motion; increasing flexibility safely with dynamic stretching techniques. Improved...
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Summer Clearance Underway!

One of the best ways to go into a new fall wardrobe here in Colorado, is to take advantage of summer clearance sales. The weather stays warm into the fall so most stores continue to stock seasonally cross over itemes when the fashion world is saying that fall deliveries start in July. That means you get the best for less. Our fall shipments are trickling in and we are putting them on the floor so you can take advantage of 25% off all new fashion. ALO, Beyond Yoga, Cut Loose, Jag and more are here for you to see the beginning for fall and closeout summer.  We have added some new active wear vendors as well- JIVA, Niyamasol and Rie & Ryn bring us new prints, fabrics and accessories for your yoga, pilates, dance or gym wear. Some of our older items will be on our sale racks, which are an additional 10% off to 75% throughout the sale. Don't wait too long though, the summer clearance sale ends on August 5th!
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Children's Body Wear on Sale!

  Starting Saturday June 18th all childrens body wear will be on sale. All basics for children will be 20% off and all fashion 25% off. Includes tights! Come get your dance supplies now. Sale ends Wednesday June 22nd. 
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Your savings menu for the weekend!

This weekend we have so many promotions that a retail menu is in order! See what you can save on this weekend in fashion, yoga and dance. *All SMASH apparel and bags - 25% off. *Buy a pair of childrens dance shoes and get 25% off a pair of childrens Havaiannas. *With a pointe or prepointe shoe purchase, receive 25% off a full price leotard. *All sale racks, including Angie Samples, are an additional 10% off upto 50%. What'll you have?  
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May 19-22nd Our biggest Sale of 2016!

  The sun is out, the trees are green, flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing. A perfect time to transition into your spring wardrobe - for every occasion in your life from YOGA to DANCE to EVERY DAY. Our biggest sale of 2016 is here to help. May 19-22nd all bodywear basics are 20% off (even tights!) and all fashion is 25% off. If you should find something on our wonderful sale rack, it's an extra 10% off up to 50% off. All of your favorite vendors are on sale, BEYOND YOGA, ALO, CUT LOOSE, BLOCH, MIRELLA and more. Come in through Sunday and save on the latest additions to your spring, summer, camp, class, hike, vacation and live wardrobe!
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