Liz Walker-Kreutziger began her dance training at an early age, studying many forms within the art. She graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in dance in 2010. She was honored with the Jacob Decker Dance Award for Outstanding Dancer. She has been a guest artist with school districts, a guest adjudicator, and taught for many dance studios. Liz has danced professionally for six years and toured with singer Tunde Olaniran, performing in cities throughout the United States. Liz is currently dancing with Life/Art Dance Ensemble and studying at Denver University, where she is working on her master’s degree in Art Management and Program Development. She has been a part of the Boulder Body Wear Staff since March 2015. Liz is currently community relations and assistant manager at Boulder Body Wear.

Essentrics for Dancers

Essentrics   Essentrics for Dancers By Heather Corey, Essentrics Master Trainer and Owner of Verve Movement Studio, Longmont. Essentrics was created by Miranda Esmonde-White, a professional ballerina who wanted to keep her body strong and flexible after she retired from the ballet. Since its creation, Essentrics has been used by professional ballet schools worldwide, including National Ballet of Canada, Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec in Canada and the Ballet School Of Cinderella Peru. Locally, Essentrics has been used by Longmont Dance Theatre, Dance Dimensions & Broadway Performing Academy of Longmont. ESSENTRICS strengthens and stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, by lengthening the muscle and then strengthening the muscle in the lengthened position. This full-body flexibility technique works through the muscle chains, liberating the joints, empowering the muscles & relieving them from tension in the process.Essentrics offers a number of specific benefits that can help dancers reach their true potential, stay pain free, and continue to do what they love; Increased core strength and mobility; the purpose of this program is to stretch, strengthen and rebalance the full muscular structure leaving you more flexible and agile. Increased flexibility and range of motion; increasing flexibility safely with dynamic stretching techniques. Improved...
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Networking within the Arts

  Community engagement within the arts is important to the future of communal arts programs.  Relating community arts to networking, whether it be in-person networking or social media networking, it is key to growing the connection within the community and the arts.  An arts community is supported in-person by attending functions and supporting the arts through donations.  Social media supports the arts community by blogging, liking, reviewing, and by advertising an event.  Supporting an arts community in-person and through social media are two essential connections that need to be made. Performing arts are a growing trend within the community.  For example, local community centers are making an effort to promote a wider variety of the arts genre.  Saturday nights one could go to hear a pops concert from the community band.  On Wednesday a local theatre troupe has their opening show of Annie.  In-person promotes community performances by attendance and by critiquing the event positively so others will attend in the future.  Putting posters up in one’s favorite hot spots and using a local radio and television station to advertise and publicize prior to the event are all different ways to promote an event in person.  The audience for a...
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