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Arts Immersion is taking education to another level.

Arts Immersion
Education that Follows Your Passion
Arts Immersion is Colorado's new public high school performing arts education provider. In partnership withSummit Education Group, Arts Immersion has created a program to serve Colorado's students who are passionate about dance arts. When students enroll in Arts Immersion, they not only receive excellent technical training, they also receive all the benefits of the Summit Education Group. The Summit Learning Zone, offers students cutting edge online education combined with the support of our academic specialist, coaches and mentors. With over 350 professionals offering face-to-face instruction for all students, Summit Education Group has revolutionized the face of online learning. In addition, our Arts-Integrated Curriculum, the core component of the Arts Immersion program, gives students a unique edge while holistically preparing them for success. Students enrolled in Arts Immersion are also eligible for CollegeNow, which allows students to enroll in numerous colleges and universities throughout Colorado while completing their high school degree. This benefit is offered free of cost to all Art Immersion students. Imagine graduating high school with an associate’s degree that is completely free. All students are encouraged to follow their passions and to make the most of their education. Arts Immersion is an excellent option for your students education to consider as you look to expand your childs education possibilities.

Reviews on Arts Immersion's Director
Stephen Wynne’s work and leadership has been noted both nationally and internationally. Dance Magazine has declared that his work is “technically stunning.” The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that he is “original and precise” and a “genuine surprise,” and that he “leads with authority.” According to The Houston Chronicle, he is “highly inventive,” and to The Kansas City Star, that he “works with finesse.” PrismMagazine claims he is the “real deal.” U.S. Senator Mike Stack says he is a “unique and valuable cultural resource." Philadelphia City Paper says and that he is “riveting and engaging” Cool Cleveland pronounce and that he “articulates ... deep thoughts in an effective manner,” while Bill Bissell from the Pew Foundation states that he has “high standards.”

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Winter hours begin October 30th