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A Nostalgic Summer

A Nostalgic Summer

Lately I've been looking back to the beginnings of my time at BBW when we were located "On the Hill" in a little space on Pennsylvania Avenue next to The Sink. Wave Rave was next door and Jacque Michelle was above us. The door was usually left open to let the sun and air in. On breaks I would run over to the market by Serendipity or over to the Brillig Works for a strong cup of coffee and a muffin that was too large to eat. 

It's here where I fell in love with this community and where I met some of the most influential people to my adult life (outside of my family).  Our original logo was designed by Troy Stone and included a beautiful version of the flatirons. Troy, not unlike today, rode his bike everywhere and always stopped by to say hello. Since then, Troy has had a traumatic brain injury while riding his bike that changed the course of his life. He has taught me so much about resilency,  happiness and the importance of the little things in life that I cannot say thank you enough. It is at this time that I also met Elaina Shaw of Turning the Wheel Productions. Elaina planted a seed, she may not know it, but the seed grew into the belief that whenever possible, you turn to your community for resources. She would come in to do her costuming and personal shopping determined to work with me (as young and inexperienced as I was). The little things really are big things.

Today, I am proud to say, even though many years have gone by and our locations and staff may have changed, the core of BBW is still intact. The core we thrive on is community and without it we would not have the intrinsic value that keeps us working hard and with passion. 

I began writing a blog with the intention of telling you about our summer clearance sale. Then again, it's not always about sales or money. It's more about letting go of a formula and following your true intention. I happy that is how this business has remained here for so long.

Thank you.


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