Booties Sale for Holiday Gifting

Believe it or not, it's time to start your holiday gift planning. We have all of our dance booties on sale for 20% off through 12/1/16. Lots of colors, prints and styles from your favorite vendors. All adult full footed tights from Bloch are also on sale for 25% off.  Fall fashion continues to be on sale this week for 20% off and sale racks an extra 10% off up to 75% off. It's a great time to get started on your holiday gift list!
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Fay Choice Dance Pumps (Ghillies) on Closeout

On closeout now for 30% off and while supplies last! Fays Celtic Choice Dance Pumps are the latest in technology with an ultra flexible suede split sole design and special arch stitching which emphasizes the dancers natural arch. For comfort, Celtic Choice have no seam which reduces friction and irritation around the toe area, and refined heels which hug the shape of the heel not allowing for any access room in these areas so the pump feel secure during movement. Really heavy shock absorbing with this ultra flexible black suede sole and full cushioned Poron insole between inner and outer sole to protect your feet. Suitable for all levels, recommended for championship dancers and show dancers. We have childrens and a few adult sizes left. 
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Halloween Countdown - Unitards, Masks, Tutu's and Nudes

The days are numbered but there is still time to pickup some basics and put together your costume! We have unitards in white, nude, black and silver to match up with a mask or other accessory. Tutu's for adults an children along with tights and leotards can round out and keep your Halloween going warm and complete. Stop into our new location to get your Halloween costume in shape!
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Verve Leda's (long too!) are in Stock!

Love your Leda's? We just recieved a shipment of Leda long in black and nocturn. We also have stock in capri and regular length as well. Call 303.447.9100 (or toll free 1.877.bdy.wear) or stop by our new location to get your pair for fall!
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Bulk pointe shoe orders & holiday costuming

It's quickly approaching, dancers are working hard at learning & perfecting the roles and dances they have in the holiday show or production. From sugar plum fairies to gum drops tapping on stage, now is the time to get your performance tights, nude leos & trunks and shoes - and possibly multiple pointe shoe pairs. BBW offers discount pricing for studios and bulk pricing for ballerinas purchasing more than one pair of shoes. Use your studio discount for your first pair and 25% off any additional pair after which. Availability gets tight this time of year so it is better to get your order in now instead of waiting and possibly losing out. It may sound too soon but it's not! Call us for a pointe shoe appointment or call in your bulk order at 303.447.9100.
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From 80302 to 80026

Although it feels strange that BBW is moving to a new zip code, our support of the Boulder Arts community as well as East Boulder, Longmont and North Metro is unwaivering. Our new location will enable us to reach more families and households with more resources than our current location is growing into. As a native of Boulder, a graduate of Fairview and CU Boulder, I personally am dedicated to the continuation of availability, growth and quality of arts in our community. Although BBW is a supplier of things that you need or want, we also have enjoyed establishing ourselves as a community hub and a place where memories are made. In our final days at the Canyon location, we are reminiscing about all the people who have been a part of our time here and the incredible exepriences we have been priviledged to have. As my family has grown up and many of my staff have stayed, left and come back, moved on to build new families and communities, we all have stood together through the personal and national tragedies. This has been my home away from home. As an owner, the gratitude I feel towards our customers, my...
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Essentrics for Dancers

Essentrics   Essentrics for Dancers By Heather Corey, Essentrics Master Trainer and Owner of Verve Movement Studio, Longmont. Essentrics was created by Miranda Esmonde-White, a professional ballerina who wanted to keep her body strong and flexible after she retired from the ballet. Since its creation, Essentrics has been used by professional ballet schools worldwide, including National Ballet of Canada, Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec in Canada and the Ballet School Of Cinderella Peru. Locally, Essentrics has been used by Longmont Dance Theatre, Dance Dimensions & Broadway Performing Academy of Longmont. ESSENTRICS strengthens and stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, by lengthening the muscle and then strengthening the muscle in the lengthened position. This full-body flexibility technique works through the muscle chains, liberating the joints, empowering the muscles & relieving them from tension in the process.Essentrics offers a number of specific benefits that can help dancers reach their true potential, stay pain free, and continue to do what they love; Increased core strength and mobility; the purpose of this program is to stretch, strengthen and rebalance the full muscular structure leaving you more flexible and agile. Increased flexibility and range of motion; increasing flexibility safely with dynamic stretching techniques. Improved...
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Summer Clearance Underway!

One of the best ways to go into a new fall wardrobe here in Colorado, is to take advantage of summer clearance sales. The weather stays warm into the fall so most stores continue to stock seasonally cross over itemes when the fashion world is saying that fall deliveries start in July. That means you get the best for less. Our fall shipments are trickling in and we are putting them on the floor so you can take advantage of 25% off all new fashion. ALO, Beyond Yoga, Cut Loose, Jag and more are here for you to see the beginning for fall and closeout summer.  We have added some new active wear vendors as well- JIVA, Niyamasol and Rie & Ryn bring us new prints, fabrics and accessories for your yoga, pilates, dance or gym wear. Some of our older items will be on our sale racks, which are an additional 10% off to 75% throughout the sale. Don't wait too long though, the summer clearance sale ends on August 5th!
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Children's Body Wear on Sale!

  Starting Saturday June 18th all childrens body wear will be on sale. All basics for children will be 20% off and all fashion 25% off. Includes tights! Come get your dance supplies now. Sale ends Wednesday June 22nd. 
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Your savings menu for the weekend!

This weekend we have so many promotions that a retail menu is in order! See what you can save on this weekend in fashion, yoga and dance. *All SMASH apparel and bags - 25% off. *Buy a pair of childrens dance shoes and get 25% off a pair of childrens Havaiannas. *With a pointe or prepointe shoe purchase, receive 25% off a full price leotard. *All sale racks, including Angie Samples, are an additional 10% off upto 50%. What'll you have?  
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May 19-22nd Our biggest Sale of 2016!

  The sun is out, the trees are green, flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing. A perfect time to transition into your spring wardrobe - for every occasion in your life from YOGA to DANCE to EVERY DAY. Our biggest sale of 2016 is here to help. May 19-22nd all bodywear basics are 20% off (even tights!) and all fashion is 25% off. If you should find something on our wonderful sale rack, it's an extra 10% off up to 50% off. All of your favorite vendors are on sale, BEYOND YOGA, ALO, CUT LOOSE, BLOCH, MIRELLA and more. Come in through Sunday and save on the latest additions to your spring, summer, camp, class, hike, vacation and live wardrobe!
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Pointe Shoes & Preparing for Summer Intensives

Is your student attending a ballet Summer Intensive program this year? Now that auditions are out of the way, it is time to start making a list of everything you need to bring with you! Planning ahead of time will help make the experience less stressful. Here are some helpful suggestions to make sure your dancer has what they need for the entirety of the program. If your student is going to be dancing on pointe, prepare for the shoes to break down at a more rapid rate than normal class wear and tear. There is nothing worse than wearing a dead pair of shoes during the peak of training! For beginner pointe students who will do some pointe work, but most of class in slippers, we recommend taking 1 pair of shoes for every 2-3 weeks of intensive. For intermediate/advanced students who will be on pointe for a majority of the day, several days a week, we strongly recommend taking 1 pair of shoes per week. If your intensive is located in a region with high humidity, take extra care in keeping the pointe shoes dry. We recommend starting the shoe ordering process at least 4-6 weeks in advance....
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Networking within the Arts

  Community engagement within the arts is important to the future of communal arts programs.  Relating community arts to networking, whether it be in-person networking or social media networking, it is key to growing the connection within the community and the arts.  An arts community is supported in-person by attending functions and supporting the arts through donations.  Social media supports the arts community by blogging, liking, reviewing, and by advertising an event.  Supporting an arts community in-person and through social media are two essential connections that need to be made. Performing arts are a growing trend within the community.  For example, local community centers are making an effort to promote a wider variety of the arts genre.  Saturday nights one could go to hear a pops concert from the community band.  On Wednesday a local theatre troupe has their opening show of Annie.  In-person promotes community performances by attendance and by critiquing the event positively so others will attend in the future.  Putting posters up in one’s favorite hot spots and using a local radio and television station to advertise and publicize prior to the event are all different ways to promote an event in person.  The audience for a...
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How shopping locally can make spring fashion affordable and fun.

It's become a popular sale for us, this Monday Madness. If you haven't come in for it, it's a lot of fun to start the week getting a great deal on the latest fashion. Every Monday all of our fashion items, from our denim to dresses and leggings to tee shirts, are on sale for 20% off. This year we are also including an extra 10% off all of our sale items too. Our sale racks have been deemed "the best in Boulder" by more than a few customers. This year activewear fashion is fun - fun prints in leggings and shorts, flowy tops and functional bra tops for inversions and downward dogs. We've added TOESOX, floor gripping socks for dancers and yoga enthusiasts alike. Men now have a place to shop for activewear as well! A dedicated section for VIOURI and ALO MENS.  In our lifestyle, denim is soft, sweaters are sophisticated, prints are romantic to make life feel light and trouble free.  Havaianas flip flops and espadrill style slip ons will be arriving mid March in childrens, mens and womens sizes and styles. These will be great for every day where as well as to and from class....whichever...
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Youth America Grand Prix, Denver 2016

  Once a year, Boulder Body Wear is chosen to represent a vendor at YAGP Denver.Dance schools from all over the region bring students to represent their training programs, and hopefully obtain scholarships to some of the most widely known companies and summer intensives in the industry. This year, Bloch graciously asked BBW to represent their brand. I loaded up my car with various products and giveaways and headed down to Teikyo Loretto Heights University in Englewood, CO. Upon arrival, I could feel the energy and anticipation in the air. Finishing touches on spectacular handmade tutus were being made, touch ups stage makeup were applied and performing pre-show rituals were just a few of the preparations happening in every room. This year, Bloch sent a Misty Copeland pop-up banner that certainly grabbed people’s attention. When parents and participants came to my table, I took the time to show them new products, as well as best selling items that we have to offer at Boulder Body Wear. Bloch’s new ‘EuroStretch’ pointe shoe got the most attention out of all the pointe shoes I had on display. This is because the split outer sole provides a different aesthetic than the traditional full...
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LET’S DANCE All Social Dance Shoes are 40% Off!

Like all fashions at Boulder Body Wear, our shoes are as sensible as they stylish. From waltz and salsa to tango and tap, professionals and amateurs alike can confidently move across the dance floor in social dance shoes from BBW. Hurry! Inventory is limited. Men’s and women’s shoes available.
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Dance education in my life - a personal look at Longmont Dance Theatre

For many of my peers and I, Longmont Dance Theatre has always been a special place. I'm 17 and a Junior in high school this year. It's hard to believe I started dancing at LDT when I was just 6 years old! I just completed my 9th Nutcracker performance with LDT. Although many of the friends I began ballet with only treated dance as another extracurricular activity, for myself and the students I dance with today it has become so much more. Growing up through the Nutcracker and the spring gala performances has taught me commitment and the enormous rewards that come as a result of dedication. It's amazing to go from admiring your role models to becoming them. What truly makes LDT unique is the experience of performing onstage; with an orchestra, in a fully pre-professional environment. As students moving up through the school and the student-based company, we have chances to perform principal parts. This is an opportunity that I now understand is difficult to encounter in ordinary ballet schools. In addition to the performance opportunities, LDT offers serious ballet and dance training for aspiring professional dancers like myself. I am one of nearly 30 students participating in the...
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Arts Immersion is taking education to another level.

Arts ImmersionEducation that Follows Your PassionArts Immersion is Colorado's new public high school performing arts education provider. In partnership withSummit Education Group, Arts Immersion has created a program to serve Colorado's students who are passionate about dance arts. When students enroll in Arts Immersion, they not only receive excellent technical training, they also receive all the benefits of the Summit Education Group. The Summit Learning Zone, offers students cutting edge online education combined with the support of our academic specialist, coaches and mentors. With over 350 professionals offering face-to-face instruction for all students, Summit Education Group has revolutionized the face of online learning. In addition, our Arts-Integrated Curriculum, the core component of the Arts Immersion program, gives students a unique edge while holistically preparing them for success. Students enrolled in Arts Immersion are also eligible for CollegeNow, which allows students to enroll in numerous colleges and universities throughout Colorado while completing their high school degree. This benefit is offered free of cost to all Art Immersion students. Imagine graduating high school with an associate’s degree that is completely free. All students are encouraged to follow their passions and to make the most of their education. Arts Immersion is an excellent...
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BBW & Body Dynamics team up for Ladies Night

On October 20th, longtime neighbor's Body Dynamics and Boulder Body Wear are teaming up to offer a free VertiBarre Class and discounted shopping. BBW is offering 25% off the entire store (including all dance supplies and lifestyle clothing) from 5-8pm and BD a free class beginning at 5:30. Body Dynamics is offering this new class that focuses on creating an athletic back and core, toning arms and producing lean legs. With a culture of work/office climates having people spending long portions of their days slouched at a desk, this class helps posture to enhance overall health. Although this night is being promoted as a “Ladies Night”, everyone is welcome to attend. Please RSVP for the VertiBarre class by calling Body Dynamics at 303.440.5776.   
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These are my couches. My explanation of local economics.

These are my couches. My explanation of local economics.
These are my couches. I bought them back in 2006 for very little money when I went through a divorce. I know I need to replace them but I can never justify spending money on replacing them. I’d like to tell you why. (This will be a little dry but please stay with me, it’s very important.) When you shop at BBW, you trust us with your investment of purchase. You have given us your money for an item(s), we have made a profit, and from which we decide how to spend our dollars made. The majority of your money goes to paying staff (I include myself in this category) as well as other overhead items. BBW has a staff of 8 that cover their rent, pay for their dance classes and feed their families from their paychecks. We also use profits to fund a deeper inventory of dance supplies (to be a dependable supplier) and to diversify our products (ie pointe shoe styles) so our customers can have more to choose from. We pride ourselves with partnering with reputable vendors that offer responsible products and reinvest dollars in development and sponsorship. Our goal for marketing, is community marketing. With this...
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